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Nutritious Food For Our Diverse Community

Shepparton Foodshare partners with supermarkets, business, manufacturers, growers, the community and other food rescue agencies to rescue and receive donations of edible food from each food group.


Foodshare volunteers rescue food from eight local supermarkets four days per week and receive donations of food.  The food rescued or donated is fit for purpose however the donor may have it in excess, it may be close to its use by or best before date, packaging may be damaged but still intact or it maybe unlabelled (ingredient/allergen information or labels are still provided).  Or it may be donated by an individual or a community group conducting a food drive on Foodshare's behalf.

Food is sorted and stored according to regulation guidelines to extend the shelf life to provide nutritious food and prevent edible food entering landfill as waste. 

Due to relying on rescued and donated food, the food available varies.  We don’t operate like a supermarket where we know what we will have on the shelves from week to week to fill orders therefore sometimes items may be in short supply or not available at all.  It is for this reason restrictions on some items may be put in place and enforced by our volunteers. These restrictions help us provide an equitable food supply across the agencies registered to collect our food for the people they support.

Whilst food supply does vary, Foodshare can generally supply items including fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, protein foods, dairy, canned food, breakfast foods, eggs, snack foods, and frozen meals. We do our best to source and have available ingredients that you can build a meal around or that are pre-prepared ready to eat.

Having access to edible food is essential, it is necessary for health, wellbeing and helps to restore hope and dignity to those who may go hungry be it occasionally or regularly. 

Shepparton Foodshare cannot supply food to individuals, only registered agencies can collect food.  If you are an individual needing food relief, please follow the link to view some of the food relief options in the Goulburn Valley.

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If your not-for-profit agency needs food for the people you support, please click below to see our collection guidelines and
register to collect our food


We welcome donations of edible food from growers, manufacturers and individuals. 
To find out more and register your interest please click below.

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